Monday, November 17, 2008

Moar! Because, moar!

Got more work done over the past couple of weeks, and J was smart enough to bring a real camera to our super-secret Bunny Cave Workshop Location (?) so that we could have some real shots.

When the term "door skin" really does = door skin! We've removed all glass, mechanisms, doo-dads, hoo-has, thingybobs, etc. We're left with the appearance of a door, without all that pesky weight.

Tim has a parts washer. We use it. Clean parts are our friend. I don't think I'll ever understand putting dirty parts back onto a car, even if it is a Lemons car...

If you rotate your screen 90° to the right, you'll see some of Tim's plasma torch skillz. Yeah, you heard me, s-k-i-l-l-z, fool! More weight loss in the non-structural areas of the shell.

Because undercoating/Snot of Satan glue/seam sealer are heavy, we're removing them. Regardless of what Boris the Blade says, heavy is not always good.

We've a long way to go, but plenty of time to get there. Interior is being further stripped of sound deadening, undercoating, wire, etc. that we don't need. Since I think that J was born with a soldering iron in his hand (ouch!), he's doing the wiring parts and losing lots of weight there. Just the basics left in the wiring harness now.

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