Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Matt paid a visit to the shop today!

Matt had a rare afternoon off work today, so he went to the shop and worked on the car. Lots of Oil Eater and rags later, the firewall is ready for patching and painting.
Got a bit more interior paint stripped, cleaning things up in preparation for the cage install.
We're stretching the "must have a cage" and "unlimited safety budget" rules as far as we can with this cage... Incorporating some ideas cribbed from Joezeeuw (http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerouser?cmd=viewprofile&id=85991) over on VWVortex, we'll be doing a combination strut brace/tower support/radiator support. I can see it now: "Really, Jay (Lamm, chief perpetrator of Lemons), it's for safety!!!"

Yappy Turkey Day!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Moar! Because, moar!

Got more work done over the past couple of weeks, and J was smart enough to bring a real camera to our super-secret Bunny Cave Workshop Location (?) so that we could have some real shots.

When the term "door skin" really does = door skin! We've removed all glass, mechanisms, doo-dads, hoo-has, thingybobs, etc. We're left with the appearance of a door, without all that pesky weight.

Tim has a parts washer. We use it. Clean parts are our friend. I don't think I'll ever understand putting dirty parts back onto a car, even if it is a Lemons car...

If you rotate your screen 90° to the right, you'll see some of Tim's plasma torch skillz. Yeah, you heard me, s-k-i-l-l-z, fool! More weight loss in the non-structural areas of the shell.

Because undercoating/Snot of Satan glue/seam sealer are heavy, we're removing them. Regardless of what Boris the Blade says, heavy is not always good.

We've a long way to go, but plenty of time to get there. Interior is being further stripped of sound deadening, undercoating, wire, etc. that we don't need. Since I think that J was born with a soldering iron in his hand (ouch!), he's doing the wiring parts and losing lots of weight there. Just the basics left in the wiring harness now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh but but wait, it gets worse!!!


Should be here:

But it's not. In fact, there's not much there at all.

Quick shot of the exterior:

Not many changes, just some fresh "stock-type" suspension...


Not a heck of a lot going on there, either. While Tim was off visiting with Danny Moal (http://www.moal.com/), I was pulling the motor/trans. OK, Kevin helped... Got the rest of the raintray out, took another few pounds out of the doors, got rid of the "Dynamat" stuff on the front floor, and got a load of parts into the parts washer. Once the interior is cleaned up a bit more, it can go out for a cage. w00t!